Zen Knee Starting Guide

Congratulations on your brand new Zen Knee! We hope to make your journey of joint therapy a breeze so you can continue to live life pain free! The following is a multi-step guide on how to use our best-selling joint therapy device along with recommendations to maximize the many benefits Zen Knee offers.
The Zen Knee Massager is a multi-Joint Therapy Device, which means it can be placed on the knee, elbow, or shoulder to target and relieve joint pain.
To use:
  • place the Zen Knee on your preferred joint with the LCD display facing you
  • ensure the joint is in place comfortably within the device
  • pull the compression strap over and around your joint
  • insert the strap into the metal loop and out onto the velcro strap to secure
  • hold the primary button found in the center to turn on the Zen Knee
  • adjust intensity with the two outer buttons labeled + and - 
  • sit back and enjoy a therapy session of up to 15 minutes
  • when using Zen Knee on knee or elbow joints, be sure to angle your limb 45 degrees to maximize therapy
  • for beginners of Zen Knee therapy, be sure to start slow with 3, 10-15 minute sessions per week, working your way up to 15 minute daily sessions or as needed.
  • be sure to start with low intensity for your first few sessions to build up to more intense sessions for more powerful therapy
Any questions can be directed to our friendly Zen Knee support staff at support@zenknee.com.