About Us

Who are we?

Zen Knee was founded in 2009 by Dr. Frank Koenig, a world-renowned rheumatologist with medical practices in Munich, Germany, and Dallas, Texas. Dr. Koenig has partnered with Dr. Roger E. Cameron, a bright doctor who specializes in Light and Infrared Therapy to design the finest joint rehabilitation and therapy device of the 21st century. 

Until recently, the Zen Knee was strictly reserved for Dr. Koenig’s patients on a limited basis. Today, the Zen Knee is made available for anyone interested in rehabilitating their knee injuries and arthritic pains along with those looking to preserve their healthy joints for a lifetime of quality living.

As of today, more than 11,000 clients have improved their quality of life thanks to the Zen Knee.

Dr. Koenig
Founder of Zen Knee
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